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Join today and work with ABTOT the Travel Industry membership association providing financial protection solutions to niche tour operators by becoming an ABTOT Associate.

ABTOT Associates are specifically chosen for their expertise in providing specialist advice and business solutions catered to the Travel Industry.

The ABTOT Associate scheme has been created to strengthen relationships between companies supplying legal, financial and consultancy services to ABTOT and ABTOT Members. The benefits of the scheme are:

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ABTOT Associate Membership Benefits

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  • Marketing: company promotion on ABTOT emails, ABTOT.com, Webinars, blogs, newsletters and Twitter.
  • Insight: receive the latest industry knowledge and expertise from ABTOT and our sister company Travel & General Insurance Services Limited.



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An ABTOT Associate’s primary business will be the provision of services or information sold or required by ABTOT Members. An Associate will not be eligible if the business qualifies for ABTOT Membership or does not demonstrate relevant professional services to ABTOT’s Directors.

Annual ABTOT Associate Fees are £589.00 for 12 months.

ABTOT Associates can start any time and membership will be for 12 months from the agreed start date.

To find our more please call ABTOT Business Development on 020 7065 5313 or email

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Contact the ABTOT Team

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